Reusable diapers

The world of reusable diapers can seem a little complicated at first. My purpose as a consultant is to give you the necessary tools to navigate this world in order to have a positive experience.

At the same time as I explain the different diaper systems, how absorbents work, or the care you should take when using diapers; I also demystify the issue about the sustainability of diapers - and give indications on how to use the economic investment in them in a more environmentally responsible way; its impact - or not - on the child's motor development and skin health.

I invite you to come and discover this world, even if you're not sure you want to use reusable diapers, you can always take some suggestions with you and even find yourself considering using a mixed system.

Consultations and Services

Express consultancy

This type of consultancy is ideal for when there is a doubt you want to clarify, or a problem has arisen that you are not knowing how to solve.

It lasts 30 minutes.

Online only.


Bê-a-bá Consulting

In this consultancy we cover the different diaper systems, the differences between absorbents and other accessories are explained. Information is also given on how to care for diapers and the most common problems.

If the consultancy is in person, there is still the possibility of a few extra minutes for experimentation.

It lasts 90 minutes.

It can be online or in person.

Online - €30 In-person - €35.

Workshop for groups

Do you have a group of friends and are interested in understanding more about reusable diapers? Then this is the option for you! We talk about all the topics covered in the Bê-à-bá consultancy, but in groups.

From 2 participants to a maximum of 5.

Around two hours, variable according to the number of participants.

It can be online or in person.

Price on request.

Let’s talk?

Do you have questions or want to schedule a consultation?

Send me an email or message to discuss our availability.

For express sessions you can book directly online

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