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Advanced Doula Course in Pregnancy and Childbirth - Rede Portuguesa de Doulas

Lactation Consulting Course - Rede Amamenta

Reusable Diaper Consulting Course - Mário Santos


Rebozo Workshop - Raquel Cajão;

Babywearing Mentoring - Mário Santos;

Sacred Sexuality and Childbirth Workshop - Naoli Vinaver;

Pelvic Floor Course for professionals who support the maternity process - Caterina Gornes.

I am Sofia.

I was born in Lisbon, I live in Póvoa de Santa Iria and I am mother to Afonso (2017) and Martim (2023).

In this life I have had several roles, several professions, different addresses. I had moments where I felt adventurous and fearless; and others where my shyness and fear got the better of me.

The passion for knowing and learning more is constant and fits well with my observant, good listener and empathetic nature.

I became a mother for the first time in 2017 and the experience of becoming one changed my world. Being the support and sustenance of this being made me realize that the shadows and experiences of a life reveal themselves at critical moments. Emotional support and preparation for pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum can make a huge difference in a family's history.

One day I dreamed of being that woman: a Doula, who supports people and families to grow in love and awareness, and to realize their power and light, just like it happened to me.

I believe in the sapience of our bodies, the ancestral knowledge of our intuition and the ability to reconnect to our essence.

From me you can expect support, respect, listening and acceptance. I place myself at your service.

My dear friend Sara Reis and I had an idea, one that you can hear.

In our last day of the doula course we discussed how difficult it was for women to hear positive birth stories, as horror stories are almost always the ones that are most present.

Partos de Encantar Logo

This is how Partos de Encantar was born, a podcast where we hear stories of positive and empowering birth experiences through the voices of those who lived them.

Listen, follow and share! We want these stories to inspire other families to experience their dream births.

Click on the image to listen! (it is in Portuguese only)

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