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Lactation support can begin during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, my role is informative. The main objective is to provide information to the pregnant person/couple/family, which will allow them to prepare for a more peaceful postpartum period that encourages breastfeeding. By providing the family with knowledge, they will be able to more easily avoid the emergence of obstacles; knowing how to resolve them, if they happen, and understanding when it is actually necessary to ask for help from third parties.

Support postpartum and throughout breastfeeding is more practical, whether to optimize breastfeeding, resolve difficulties, or identify issues that require follow-up by a healthcare professional.

First session: €40

Follow-up sessions: €30

Sessions can be online or in-person in Greater Lisbon. *

(outside the municipalities of Vila Franca de Xira, Loures, Odivelas, Lisbon center and Arruda dos Vinhos, travel costs may apply)

Sessions last around 1h30.

*First sessions with newborns must be in person

Follow-up programs

Breastfeeding starts during pregnancy

This program was specially designed to help pregnant people with breastfeeding, in order to reduce fears and prevent obstacles that may occur in the first days postpartum. The program includes:

An online session during pregnancy - third trimester;

One face-to-face session during postpartum - in the first 2 weeks;

Continued support via WhatsApp/messages in the period between the first session and during the first month after birth.


Travel costs may apply

Couple with Pregnant Woman in Bedroom at Home with Man Feeling Baby Kicking

Breastfeeding and the return to work

This program was specially designed to help families when those who are breastfeeding have to return to work. The program addresses topics such as creating a milk bank, instructions on expressing breast milk, how we would increase the amount expressed and the conservation of breast milk. The program includes:

Two online sessions: the first approximately one month before returning to work, the second approximately two weeks later;

Continued support via WhatsApp/messages in the period between the first session and two weeks after returning to work.


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